Extremely useful golf products for the individual golfer & corporate promotions

Aussie Chiller Hats
Stylish, comfortable, durable, washable, year-round hats. Chills your head on those hot summer golf days! Towel-like, lightweight, crushable Chamois material.
The Golf Round
Handy water-resistant golf towel. Fold in half, put in back pocket. Print your logo on the nylon side. Golf tournament promo item!
Balance Bands
Embedded wearable holographic technology. Increase balance, strength, and flexibility. Works instantly!
Cooling Towels
Frogg Togg      All-sport, all terrain, all purpose evaporative cooling towel. Great for running, yoga, exercise classes. Superior to other towels!
Trion:Z Ionic Gear
Bracelets and necklaces bring the power of negative ions and twin 1,000 Gauss therapeutic magnets. Most powerful product of its kind.
Q Link Pendants
Q Link Pendants
Reinforces a relaxed focus so you are hitting every shot in the zone.
Divix Golf Tool
Lightweight graphite handle, stainless steel tangs, magnetic ball marker, and club rest.
Zivot Golf Tool
Divot repair & ball marker switch blade, all-in-one tool.